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Duvet Storage

Do you find yourself wondering about what size differences exist between different duvets? Or do you find yourself short on space at home to store those extra bedding and would like some ideas? Well, we can help with that!

In this post, we will answer commonly asked questions on Google about bedding, including such questions as:

  • What is the size of a single duvet UK?
  • How to store a duvet?
  • What can I use to store a king size quilt?
  • Where can I store my extra duvet?
  • Duvet cover storage ideas.
  • How to make storage bag for quilt?

Let us look at each of these questions in turn.

What is the size of a single duvet UK?

As with most other products, Duvets come in multiple sizes, and each of these sizes have measurement ranges that vary depending on the manufacturer or retailer. To ease your life, we looked for common duvet sizes and their measurements for three popular retailers in the UK: Sainsbury’s, Wilko, and IKEA. We present their duvet offerings and related measurements below:


  centimetres inches
Product Width Length Width Length
Single 135 200 53 79
Double 200 200 79 79
King 230 220 91 87
Super King 260 220 102 87
Single 135 200 53 79
Double 200 200 79 79
King 220 225 87 89
Single 150 200 59 79
Double 200 200 79 79
King 220 240 87 95


For your convenience, we have linked the different sizes and retailers to their respective websites, so you can shop for these products if you need. Just click on the name in the leftmost column to visit that particular product’s webpage, or on the retailers name to visit their section for duvets.

As you can see from the table, most retailers commonly offer Single Double and King sizes, with the exception of Sainsbury’s, which also offers Super King size. You will note that the length for Sainsbury’s King and Super King duvets is the same, but the Super King is wider. Also, while Sainsbury’s and Wilko offer similar measurements across their sizes, IKEA offers slightly different measurements.

The most standard measurement found is the Double Duvet, which measures the same for all three retailers (200 x 200 cm). The Single ranges from 135 cm (Sainsbury’s, Wilko) to 150 cm (IKEA) in width but is uniformly 200 cm for all retailers. The King varies most for the various retailers, ranging from 220 cm (Wilko, IKEA) to 230 cm (Sainsbury’s) in width, and from 220 cm (Sainsbury’s) to 240 cm (IKEA) in length.

However, the prices for each of these products are comparable for particular sizes across retailers, so the duvet you choose will be based on your individual needs. We hope this information presents you with a helpful understanding of the various measurements seen across various retailers’ duvet offerings.

How to store a duvet? What can I use to store a king size quilt?

Well, ordinarily you would prefer to haphazardly stash your duvets during the warmer months wherever you can find space, and forget about it until the next time you need it. But this solution presents certain challenges. For instance, uncovered duvets tend to gather dust in storage, and become dirty over time. Moreover, they take up more space than they should when you just throw them in wherever you can find space. So, when you need it again, you tend to take it out and take it to the dry cleaners first, or leave it out in the sun.

duvet storage bags

Our solution to your duvet storage problems

Instead, we suggest a simpler solution. Why not give our duvet bags a go? Hear us out. The bags we offer are of made of high quality, durable material, but most importantly the material is breathable. It allows continued air circulation while keeping the dust out, ensuring that your duvets remain as clean when you take them out, as the day you put them in. Moreover, their compact shape saves space, and can be stored in a number of places in your home, such as underneath your bed, or stacked upright in your suit closet. They are also quite hassle free! The base has a zipper which goes all the way around, which allows you to fold your duvet once and simply roll it up (just like it was sold to you by retailers), and put the duvet into the bag. Then zip up the bag again, and it’s ready to be stored! It takes seconds of your time, and will save you space and money spent on dry cleaning expenses later on.

duvet  storage bags

The zipper goes all around the base and enables easy insertion of the duvet.

We believe in simplicity, and so offer our duvets in two standard sizes: Medium and Large. The medium stores single and double sized duvets, while the large stores king and super king sized duvets. We have tested these bags and can confirm that they easily store duvets from all retailers featured in this blog, as well as others. Either sized bag is currently sold in Black and can be bought from the links provided below. Moreover, we deliver right to your doorstep within two to three days, and there are no additional delivery charges! But that’s not all! We offer a thirty day, no hassle money back guarantee! If you are dissatisfied with our products for any reason, simply return those to us within thirty days for a full refund, no questions asked. We assure you, that you will not find a better deal elsewhere. So go ahead, give it a go!


Goal Winners Duvet Stoage Bags

Additional Offers

We also cater to bulk or regular purchases. If you wish to order larger quantities, consider our wholesale segments by clicking here, or take a subscription at checkout for regular repeated no hassle purchasing requirements.

Duvet Cover Storage Ideas

Did we mention that are bags our multipurpose? In case you wish to store bedding or bath linen in a compact way, our bags are the perfect solutions for your needs. You may wish to perhaps purchase multiple bags and segment your various items by type into each of these bags, since these bags take up very little space. They’re also equipped with a transparent label on the side that allows you to see what’s inside. No more going through entire closets just to find one hand towel for the guest room!

duvet storage bag black

The transparent label on top (visible on the right) enables viewing into the bag without opening it first.

How to make storage bag for quilt?

This is one of those questions where we wonder just why someone would want to go through all that trouble. We offer a simple, elegant solution for your duvet storage needs, so that you may save your time for doing things that matter. You won’t even need to step out of your home to find a duvet storage bag, since we will deliver them to your doorstep! Moreover, sourcing the required materials would take more money for a single cover than purchasing this ready made bag would cost. Trust us. After all, it’s our job to make them!


And there you have it folks! We hope you find our answers to the most common questions related to duvets helpful.